Hope you are enjoying good batch as much as I did! Ties a lot of the stores in gaming wars series and rebels. Anyways have a great night and fit is on point as always.

I want to take the time to speak about Gaming free apps. I have never heard of this game until I did my games leaving Plus in June post and I downloaded them all and this one really got my attention.

You play as a student aiming to become a gaming champion, in a sports RPG environment. Think of Pokemon but finding new teammates to join you, going to the medical center to get your team healed and finding items scattered across the map. Instead of battles you are thrown into these fast pace and very fun gaming battles! I can’t express how much fun I’ve been having! This game will be leaving Plus on June

Would you try this game out? If not what’s the first game you’re playing this weekend? ⬇️.

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Write For Us Gaming Reviews

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Games Write For Us

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Improve Your Writing On Our Blog!


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  28. Gaming Accessories Every Gamer Should Have
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  30. The Psychology of Gaming: Why We Play
  31. Exploring Different Gaming Genres
  32. Gaming Communities: Finding Your Tribe
  33. How to Monetize Your Gaming Hobby
  34. The Art of Game Modding: Customizing Your Experience
  35. Video Game Addiction: Recognizing the Signs
  36. The Rise of Mobile Gaming
  37. The Influence of Music in Video Games
  38. Gaming and Education: Using Games as Learning Tools
  39. Exploring Virtual Reality Gaming
  40. Gaming Across Generations: Bridging the Gap
  41. The Future of Gaming Technology
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  89. Tips for Managing Gaming Time Wisely
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  91. Exploring the World of Game Merchandise and Collectibles
  92. The Impact of Gaming on Problem-Solving Skills
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  94. Tips for Building a Gaming PC on a Budget
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  99. Gaming and Philosophy: Deep Thoughts in Virtual Worlds
  100. The Impact of Gaming on Economic Trends
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  105. The Impact of Gaming on Attention Span
  106. Exploring the World of Gaming Podcasts
  107. Tips for Building a Gaming Network with Other Players
  108. Gaming and Tourism: Visiting Locations from Your Favorite Games
  109. The Influence of Gaming on Architecture and Design
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  111. Tips for Starting Your Own Gaming Club or Group
  112. Gaming and the Future of Healthcare: Gamification in Medicine
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  120. Gaming and Meditation: Finding Calm in Virtual Worlds
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  146. Exploring the World of Game Animation
  147. Tips for Building a Gaming Setup for Couples
  148. Gaming and Urban Planning: Virtual Cities
  149. The Impact of Gaming on Social Skills Development
  150. The Role of Gaming in Historical Education
  151. Exploring the World of Game Testing
  152. Tips for Building a Gaming Setup for Families
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  155. The Impact of Gaming on Spatial Reasoning Skills
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  157. Exploring the World of Game Marketing
  158. Tips for Building a Gaming Setup for Schools
  159. Gaming and Wildlife Conservation: Virtual Habitats
  160. The Influence of Gaming on Critical Thinking Skills
  161. The Impact of Gaming on Emotional Intelligence
  162. The Role of Gaming in Disaster Preparedness
  163. Exploring the World of Game Audio Design
  164. Tips for Building a Gaming Setup for Events
  165. Gaming and Social Entrepreneurship: Virtual Philanthropy

Our Real Examples To Help You

Example 1#: Do you buy a game, or wait for a review first?

Cause here’s my quick review of the game Zorro the Chronicles

The game is made with a younger audience in mind. However it provides enough of a challenge and entertainment for a gamer like me as well

The story takes your through several missions where you save the villagers or just mess up plans for the main antagonist Monasterio

The missions feel fresh and you can complete them either in stealth mode or just go crazy in super fun combat. There are no victims here, everyone you defeat just gets unconscious or cries sitting on the ground thinking where they went wrong .

Combat gets challenging as you get more different enemies introduced, which keeps the fun level going.

The cartoon graphics work for this game very well, hiding the simpler textures behind nice colors and constant action . No lags or frame drops either .

Soundtrack in this game is also based around the looney toons feeling of the game and with it’s sound effects it worked great as a whole, giving you the fun impression it was aiming for.

There is a downside to this game however, it has several bugs, where you can get cought in a falling animation or the game just doesn’t save your progress and you have to do several missions all over again.

If the game gets patched soon it’ll be a fun title that’s worth your money for sure. But the patches are a must first

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