What game has captivated you recently?

What game has captivated you recently?

This is my latest obsession 🎮
With the game running off real time I find myself playing it at really odd hours for 10 min just to do a quest or deliver a baby

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1# lord_dragon_sovereign comment:

I just played the demo of The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak and I cannot wait until I have that game in my hands!!

2# James W. Cuthbertson comment:

So far, I have a feeling Stellar Blade is going to be a bit sad… Took me a long time to get over Nier: Automata.

3# robby comment:

I can’t get enough of Final Fantasy 7 rebirth, 90+ hours in and I’m just scratching the surface of trying to get the platinum

4# Terje Jacobsen comment:

How big is that tv?! I’ve been dabbling in some Dead Space, but downloaded Crash Bandicoot again now, so can’t wait do get back into that again

Reply: it’s a 65inch ☺️ I am quite small so it might look bigger 😂😂😂 ohhh stop you’re going to make me want to play crash, that game is so addictive haha

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